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Shearing Pump

Shearing pump is designed to reduce cost of mixing polymers and clays while improving mud properties, it shear the polymers eliminates fish eyes and prevents polymer chaining which can’t pass though the shaker screen.

Shearing pump can mix high property drilling mud very soon. Decrease the mixing time by much and enhance the drilling efficiency with great cost control. Shear pump can help much on eliminate “fish eye” phenomenon. It will help much on high quality drilling mud demand for whole well drilling.

All shearing pump of Aipu are adopted high quality mechanical seal with high durability. There won’t be any leakage. When drilling fluid flow pass shearing pump there will be second cutting on the 50% fluid in the swirl collection room. Sometimes, clients will request shearing mixing pump combined with shearing pump and mixing hopper.

Shearing Pump Shearing Pump for sale

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Head Motor Weight Dimension
APJQB6545 120m3/h 45m 55KW 980kg 1150×1100×1500
APJQB6535 100m3/h 35m 45KW 800kg 1150×1100×1250

Main Features

  • 1. High efficiency for shear the polymers eliminates fish eyes.
  • 2. FAG, SKF or other top brand bearing.
  • 3. SOG oil seal.
  • 4. Standard options : IECEX, ATEX, UL, DGMS, CE, Gost.
  • 5. Save the bentonite up to 30%.
  • 6. Meet the drilling mud demand of higher lifting and discharge rate.