Solids Control Spare Parts

Solids control spare parts are the wearing parts for solids control equipment. From shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, to the cuttings dryer, screw conveyor. From the shaker screen, hydrocyclones, to the bearings, gear box, motors, and so on.
Aipu supply the complete line solids control parts. Please find below popular parts from Aipu.

  1. The shale shaker screen, vibration motor, springs, wedge blocks, etcetera for shale shakers;
  2. The 4”desilterhydrocyclones, the 10”desanderhydrocyclones, clamps, nozzles, and so on for mud cleaner;
  3. Motor, gear box, oil seal, bearings, for mud agitators;
  4. Pump head, mechanical seal, impeller, shaft, gasket, O rings, etc., for centrifugal pump;
  5. Venturi mixing hopper for jet mud mixer;
  6. Flanges, valves, unions and other fittings for mud tank;
  7. Screen basket for vertical cuttings dryer.