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Mud Mixing System

Mud mixing system will work to mixing new mud or storage depending on mud tank size. A complete mud mixing system will including mud mixing tank, mixing pump, mixing hopper, mud agitator, pipeline and valves, etc. The mud tank size and equipment model selection will be depending on mixing requirement as per jobsite. AIPU supply only mixer also with mixing pump and hoper sit on a skid for economy option.

mud mixing system mud mixer

Main Specification For Mud Mixing System

  1. 1. Confirm mud mixing speed requirement. There are options for 200GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM and 1000GPM mud mixing speed. Different mud flow will match different size of mud mixing pump and mud mixing hopper with suitable size of pipeline.
  2. 2. Mixing mud tank size is customized but 4000x2000x2000mm, 20ft and 40ft are 3 main popular options. Or customer can list mud tank capacity and AIPU will supply options for mud tank size for suggestions.
  3. 3. Mud agitator size, shaft depth, impeller size will be made as per engineer suggestion depending on tank size and drilling mud conditions.
  4. 4. Mixing pump will set on mixing tank skid and mixing hopper sit on tank skid or tank top by options. Tank top can be gratings or checker plate as per request.

Mud Mixing Tank Layout

The mud mixing tank normally lay at end of mud tanks stem and close the mud chemical storage for mixing convenient. The mixing pump suction and discharge line will connect with all clean mud storage tank with mud pump suction line as well. The connections between tanks are normally union for fast moving and connecting. The mud mixing tank will keep extra valves at each connection for convenient operation.