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Chemical Reaction Kettle Delivery To Jobsite

The 2 sets of chemical reaction kettle is design and manufacture for oil and sludge treatment on jobsite. The client was looking for a whole oil sludge treatment system but would like to order 2 sets of chemical reaction kettle as a trial order. Before this order, the client ordered shale shaker, mud agitator and centrifugal pumps in last year. The main compart of a chemical reaction kettle including a round tank body, electrical motor, gear box, shaft & impeller, etc.

Chemical Reaction Kettle Special Design

Chemical Reaction Kettle
1. Three layers of heavy antifouling paint for tank vessel, the paint color can becustomized depending on RAL no. and paint material requirement.

2. The impeller is 3 layers for better agitating performance and stainless SS304 material for chemical mixing and agitating.

3. The check hole designed on top of tank vessel for easy and convenient check of chemical reaction kettle performance and maintenance.

4. The rotating speed of impeller reaches to 80 – 120 RPM to reach a good agitating performance of chemical mixing.

Oil Sludge Treatment from AIPU

Chemical Reaction tank
AIPU Solids Control build a complete line of oil sludge treatment system with ultrasonic emulsification, air float, crush, agitating technology. The hot water will be added for material attenuation. The hot water will be separated finally and then transfer back for re-use, so there is no water discharge which is good. The separated oil will be collected by a oil collection tools and then transfer to oil tank for further treatment. A set of 3 phase decanter centrifuge for oil, water and solids separation. The decanter centrifuge capacity can be fix depending on the whole oil sludge separate system design. Please contact AIPU for further more information or inquiry.

Chemical-Reaction-Kettle Mud-agitator