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Drilling fluids solids control and shaker requirement

Drilling fluids shale shaker is a part of solids control system. Drilling fluids solids control is an important part of well drilling projects. Drilling technology is improving rapidly, much new improvement, new technology come to well drilling. Thus we need better drilling fluid or better control on solids.

Why do the solids control on drilling fluids

Both domestic and overseas practice tell us, the solid content in drilling fluids and the solid particle size affect much on drilling mud property. The solids mean useful and harmful content. Such as bentonite, chemical material, barite, drilling cuttings, bad bentonite, shale, sands, etc.

Solids control means get rid of harmful solids and maintain the useful solid to meet drilling demand. Large quantity test result show us increase solid content, drilling fluid density, gravity, viscosity will be increased accordingly. But, the water-loss will be slow and lead slow drilling speed. Also cost more drill bites and lead leakage, etc. dangerous situation. Finally increase the drilling cost.
Drilling fluids shale shaker

We found the less solid the better solids control effect. For drilling fluids solids control system, there are drilling fluids shale shaker, degasser, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge and so on.

Drilling fluids shale shaker

Drilling fluids shale shaker is common equipment to process drilling mud from wellhead. It will separate larger cuttings out of drilling mud also do the preparation for further solids control equipment. If any failure on shale shaker happened, the hydrocyclone separators will not be able to work as usual.

The well drilling shale shaker was introduced to oil industry in 1930s. Before, shaker is mainly used in mining industry to separate the materials for different grade particles via screen. Meanwhile, the mineral shaker also used in dewatering and desilting. The drilling fluid shale shaker for oil drilling is different.

In drilling fluid process, the shale shaker is used to get rid of cuttings and harmful particles. At the same time, it should be large capacity, it is able to recycle expensive drilling fluid as much as possible. Also, it should be able to remove solids from drilling fluid as much as possible. It will be not better, if we get rid of particles a bit smaller than screen aperture.

Shale shaker development

All the requirements on drilling fluid shale shaker boost shaker development by and by. We all know shale shaker will always work outdoor with hard condition, so another requirement on shaker is improve reliability of whole equipment and parts. Especially for the shaker screen reliability and working life

There are so many different shale shaker during past decades. The drive way, the vibration mode, the vibrating shaft, the shaker deck number will give us many kinds of shaker. Such as the hydraulic driven, air driven, electrical magnetic driven; the linear motion, the elliptical motion, the BEM shaker, and so on.

No matter how, the shakers development aimed to get better performance, higher efficiency, longer service life and lower cost. We trust in the future, the solids control will be more simplified or set shaker as core equipment.

Drilling fluids shale shaker