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Tips ensure shale shaker efficient solids removal

Use shale shaker is aimed to remove bigger cuttings out of drilling fluid. The shale shaker is the first solids control equipment to process drilling fluid. Shale shaker has to be operated with better performance.

Issues affecting shaker efficiency

The shaker screen shape and size, the vibration mode, the drilling fluid property, cuttings type and quantity, shaker own design all decide the shaker whole performance.  When we drill a well, shaker selection maybe best or not best one for drilling tools. If not best shaker has to be operated continuously and solve problem via properly patient operation. All industry shaker can get rid of solids, while under legal maintenance and operation it will be more effective.

Drilling cuttings can be only removed after fluids bringing it to ground. The solids discharged should be sharp with angle or edge. During the process of drilling cuttings arriving at ground, cuttings are rolling constantly in well bore. Thus cuttings edge is ground off to be round or circle shape. If the discharged cuttings are round there will be large quantity cuttings in annulus. The cuttings blocking will increase drilling fluid density and well bottom pressure. Then drilling rate will be decreased also drilling cuttings are more difficult to remove.
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Tips ensure high efficient shale shaker

During drilling fluid circulation the shale shaker should run continuously. Anytime the shaker stop the cuttings will be held in fluids. The drilling mud should cover over half area of screen, if only cover a quarter or 1/3 we should change the coarse screen to be finer one

On the shaker screen, the drilling fluid will flow out of broken hole without cleaning cuttings. So, if there is a hole or other broken on screen we'd better change it at once. Or we can use a plate to seal the holes. After we getting screen with holes we can repair it with the screen repair plug.

When we replace shaker screens we have to plan the best solution with shortest break time. Prepare new screen and tools well, if necessary, ask for assistance for sooner solution. Suggestion is, when we connect the pipe to replace screen cloth. If there is emergency we need to stop pump, stop drilling and replace shaker screen

Dilution fluid can't be added in drilling mud tank or shaker. The dilution fluid should be added in screen underflow. Prior to adding in drilling fluid the dilution fluid should be measured (even it's water). If no very special occasion, the drilling fluid must be processed by shaker then flow into next equipment. If there is no circulation of fluids the larger cuttings should be cleaned from drilling mud reserve tank. When we change drill bits or log bore before drilling, transfer drilling fluid from tank to desander, the desander should be cleaned as well.  The drilling fluid out of well head should be evenly divided on all shakers.

There are still many other tips when we operate shaker. Such as the notes between shifts, maintenance and repair on shakers, etc. In the future post, we'll introduce more and more.Or you can contact Aipu solids control anytime

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