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Oil drilling mud tank valves delivered to Middle East

Oil drilling mud tank valves including suction valve and dump valve. The mud tank suction valve is more popular on mud tanks. As per our sales record, over 98% clients purchased suction valve.

This client is from Middle East. We talked this project over one year for the suction valves. As the end user is national oil company and many procedures to process. Congratulations to AIPU since so long time and so many competitors we got awarded.

Oil drilling mud tank valves

Among this lot mud tank valves, there are 8" and 10". The overall installation height is about 9 4/5‘ equals to about 2990mm. At the beginning, we suggested level type for convenient handling and easy operation. Finally, clients confirmed the hand wheel type for easy maintenance and safe operation

Besides this lot suction valves, we are producing another lost valves for another regular client. They have just received last lot tank valves. Now they have placed repeat order on another over 30 sets tank valve. 
Mud tank suction valve
For this Middle East user, we are discussing whole mud system for ZJ70. And this project has lasted over one year, too. Our client told we may get updates against the tank valves arrival. Also, we are communicating on shaker screens. 

We are confident user will be satisfied with our oil drilling mud tank valves. And we will get new order from them in near future

Are you in the demand of such tank valves? Please feel free to contact us for any question or details

Oil drilling mud tank valves