Flare ignitor and poor boy orders

Flare ignitor can be called another safe equipment. They are usually operated together with poor boy degasser. We burn the toxic gas discharged from mud gas separator. Connection between ignitor and poor boy is the vent line. Its length is at least 60m

Orders on flare ignitor and gas separator

There are 10 sets of ignitor and degasser in total. 6 sets among them are repeat orders. All of them are APMGS1200 degassers. The ignitors are remote controlled and vertical type. Accessory ignition source is liquified gas. Among these 10 sets unit, we've delivered one set to job site. All others are under manufacture

Vent line for these poor boy are almost 100m as 9m per piece. Some are requested as 60m. Different users face different working condition. Anyhow, the safety is rather important. It is first issue we need to note.

Flare ignitor features

Vertical design with sufficient height. High quality S.S burner top. Remote controlled. The fuel tank with liquified gas is standard configuration. It is the accessory ignition source when the gas is not sufficient to be burned as fire. Thus we'll make discharged gas burned out completely with safe environment
Flare ignitor

Connection between ignitor and vent line is flange. Per users' drilling condition, gas pressure is not too high, the common pressured flanges are ok for such joint

Control cabinet for flare ignitor is stainless steel one. It is portable and easy to operate. Considering clients' budget, the ignitors design are ancient and typical one. Some clients will prefer the polar powered. 

More detail on ignitors

These flare ignitors are APFI20/3. Pained with the anti-corrosive painting oil. 3 layers coating for better quality and appearance.

Ignitors used in oil and gas industry including vertical and horizontal ones. However, the horizontal one will be usually connected with choke line. Choke line air pressure is rather high and the line connected with ignitor will long 40-50m. 

Usually, the horizontal ignitor won't request ignition source. When the flammable gas spray to ignitor, there will be fire seen. Please come to us for further interest or doubt