OBM Waste management system delivery last days

AIPU Solids just delivered a set of oil base mud waste management to job site last days. 

OBM waste management system specifications

This waste management system including the conical tank, integrated tank, dog room, the cuttings dryer, and the centrifuge, filter press, as well as auger feeders. The system is relatively simple design. Considering clients' working space we proposed such configuration.

Auger feeders are horizontal but incline type with supporting legs. Their length is about 9m each. Feeders cover is the steel profile mounted with bolts. It's a safe insurance to people at site during operation.
OBM waste management

Treating capacity of the system is about 176GPM. Effective volume of tanks is 65000L. Besides tanks, there is a dog room. Cuttings dryer is APVCD700 driven by 22.5kw in total. While the centrifuge is VFD high speed type APGLW355X1258. Submersible slurry pumps for centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer. For convenient handling, we provide the chain hoist for user.

Features of this system

There are totally 2 tanks, and 13 sets of equipment. From the pre-treatment to the dry solids discharge. Furthermore, we provide the complete electrical control panel and the cables.

It's an integrative system holding multi-functions. The conical tank is with walk way and hand rails and the auger feeder sits beyond it. For conical tank, there is the isolation layer for staying warm.
AIPU Drilling waste mud management

To get high quality equipment we check and control quality use many tools. Including various of instrument and meters. Such as X-Ray temperature meter, the noise gauge, the vibration inspector, the rotation inspector and so on. It's the real quality equipment with reliable performance.

Benefits of the waste management system

It saves clients time and energy. The comprehensive solution takes less time and energy. It occupies little space with small and flexible foot print. Clients save cost not only in buying it but also using it get good management result.

Please feel free to contact us if you are in the demand oil base mud waste management