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Desanding Plant For Bored Pile & TBM

Desanding plant is design for bored pile & TBM on construction with economy option and very compact design for small footprint. AIPU desanding plant can be used for economy option as HDD mud recycling system. The desanding plant is design for flexible working and installation to suit bored pile, TBM or HDD mud recycling system.

desanding plant for bore pile desanding plant for TBM

Desanding Plant Working Procedure

  1. 1. A set of submersible slurry pump will pit up mud from mud pit, the length of pump under fluids normally 800mm to 1500mm. Solids particles not allowed larger than 1cm to protect pump impeller, so there is a protect mesh installed at pump inlet.
  2. 2. The mud will goes into shale shaker bottom deck by a PU material shaker screen for big solids separation. There are two panel screens, 3 panels screen or 4 panels screen for the bottom deck depending on mud flow requirement. The solids particles will discharge out through shaker screen and clean mud drop into mud tank compartment.
  3. 3. There is a pump pick up mud from mud tank compartment and feed into cyclone, the solids out of cone will drop on top of shaker deck for solids drying and clean mud over flow from cyclone will flow into a intermediate box. There is an auto control to allow clean mud goes into mud tank compartment or flow away.

Model Options of Desanding Plant

Model APMC50 APMC100 APMC200 APMC250 APMC500
Capacity 50m³/h 100m³/h 200m³/h 250m³/h 500m³/h
Separation Size 25μm 40μm 40μm 40μm 70μm
Treated Water Content 30% 30% 50% 30% 30%
Power 18kW 33.44kW 48.88kW 58kW 140kW
Weight 3000kg 3200kg 3750kg 5500kg 14000kg
Dimension 3600×2100×3750mm 3150×2100×2500mm 4200×2200×3800mm 4000×2250×2800mm 9000×6000×6300mm
Note Separation size can be customized by change cyclone size or install decanter centrifuge for 2 microns
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Key Points For Desanding Plant

  1. Small Footprint.
  2. Economy Options.
  3. Dry Cuttings Discharge (30% water content).
  4. Low Energy Consumption.
  5. Easy Maintenance (Less Consumable Items).
  6. High Efficiency Of Recycling Mud.
  7. High Mud Flow Treating Capacity.
  8. Separation Size Adjustable.
  9. High Intelligent Level.
  10. Tank Over Flow Protection.
  11. Hard-Wearing Slurry Pump.
  12. Italian Oli Brand Motor.
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