Drilling mud agitators for mud plant

Drilling mud agitators including the horizontal and vertical type. This lot of agitators were designed and fabricated for clients construct the mud plant. About 20 sets mud tank and request about 100 sets of agitator.

Drilling mud agitators for mud plant

Client placed order on over 60 sets of mud agitator here to replace their existing ones. Among the agitators, there are helical bevel geared and helical worm geared. Compared with common helical worm one the helical bevel agitator occupies less space and provides better agitation performance.

Drilling mud mixers

According to the mud tank size, the shaft length is 2.3m. All the shaft are completely with stabilizer and related fasteners, parts.

Now, all of the agitators are under final procedure and will be delivered soon. Against arrival at job site, there will be another new order on over 100 sets of agitator for another big mud plant for the same client.

Mud mixer assembly

Do you have demand on mud agitators? Or mud mixing unit? Mud tanks? Please feel free to contact us and let us know your detail demand. Trust you will certainly get optimal solutions at AIPU Solids control.