Flare ignition device delivery to ME

Flame ignitors to be delivered are horizontal type. Model number is APHFIL2-4. Its fuel is LPG. Such design is based on practical working condition and user's requirements. We know the flame ignitor is a safety equipment to burn the gas vented from poor boy degasser. During well drilling, entrained gas including H2S and other toxic gas should be removed. After degassed, drilling fluid is the clean and leads to a safe job site.
Flame ignitor
These ignitors are fitted with 2 control cabinet for a convenient operation. There are also 2 remote controls for a easy operation if there are different operators and positions. Remote control can help to give operators safe environment. Furthermore, flame ignitor usually is set far away from the drilling site or the poor boy. There is gas line on flame ignitor connected with vent line on gas separator. When we need to burn the discharged gas, we turn on the start button on the control panel and flame pin works at a high frequency with spark. If we need LPG to help burn, just open gas tank valve, then turn on the combustion button, the toxic gas will be burned completely.
Flame ignition device
Flare ignition devices are completely with remote control we can do the procedure at a safe place far away from degasser or woking site.

Please find the pictures as your reference. We are not able to produce horizontal LPG type flame ignitor, but also the vertical type, the extended height type, the diesel fuel type, the solar energy type. Just let us know what you need, you'll get the optimal solutions at AIPU Solids Control. Just get an offer by click here