ASME mud gas separators for oil drilling abroad

ASME mud gas separators delivered are APMGS800 certified as per ASME code. The gas separators vessel diameter is 800mm, there are 2 inlet lines, one is 2", the other is 3". And the discharge lines including 2 ports, too. Such design caters for client's different demand under different working condition. 
ASME mud gas separator

These degassers are for a very big oil company. Compared to other manufacturers AIPU is more professional and reliable. All the materials and design are strictly according to ASME code, as well as the NPT, leakage test, pressure test and other inspection.

Please find pictures for your reference.

Now, the customer is inquiring the same degassers, it's still a tender. We're facing the rat race, different suppliers are from different countries and regions. However, our customer told we are mostly awarded soon. This is because of previous successful cooperation and their appreciation on our products and quality.
poor boy degasser
Kindly tell us if you have the same demand or any other questions. No matter on mud gas separator or other solids control equipment.