Solids control system for work over rig

Solids control system for work over rig are similar with drilling rig system. The pulling system request solids control equipment as well.

Work over rig solids control system

In work over rig solids control system, there are shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifugal pumps, agitators, mud gun, the poor boy degasser, mixing hopper, also the auxiliary pump, etc.

Process is same as oil rig solids control. Degassed fluids discharged from mud gas separator then flow into shaker. Shale shaker tank will store drilling fluid for further process of desander. Centrifugal pump transfer drilling mud from one compartment to next equipment. 

Auxiliary pump will be used as transfer pump. It is capable of pumping oil and /or water from a well cellar to the tank or waste pit. It can be electrical or air driven self-priming pump.

Solids control system for work over rig is rather necessary. As the solids control equipment will help much on the whole work over process. Saving the cost, increase the efficiency, and so on
Solids control system

Different configuration on work over solids control

The work over rig divided by horse power as well. Such as the 750HP work over rig, the 450HP work over rig, and so on.  According to different work over rig size, solids control capacity will vary. Just few days ago, we configured one complete set solids control system for work over rig

Shale shakers were proposed dual tandem one. Desanders are with two 10" polyurethane cones without bottom shaker. Centrifugal feeding pump for desander and desilter are 50HP with about 1056GPM flow rate. Poor boy degasser is holding 24" OD, adequated mud seal highs about 1.5m. Mud hoppers are venturi type with high shearing force and capacity

Some clients will request a system at lower budget. Such configuration will be more economical. For example, they may request mud cleaner as the first shale shaker as well as the 2nd and 3rd phase solids control equipment. But the difference is tank compartments design. The feeding pump will be operated separately. That means, desander pump can't be used to transfer drilling mud to desilter

For other equipment, they may request less mud agitator or mud guns. If consider economic solution, the auxiliary equipment can be decreased. Main ones are kindly suggest configure.

Aipu solids control equipment for work over rig

Complete line solids control equipment for work over rig are available at Aipu solids control. Including dual tandem shaker, hydrocyclone separator, poor boy degasser, centrifugal pump, centrifuge decanter, and so on

The mud agitator and mud gun will be proposed according to actual tank size or compartment volume. If you have demand or interest please tell us the detail, the best price will be sent to you shortly. We trust you will be satisfied with the price and whole solution.